Lake Tahoe Home Sales April 28, 2020

Lake Tahoe Real Estate Weekly Report for 4/27/20

Dog owners know what it is like to come home after your dog has been locked up in the house all day. As soon as you open the front door, you see the frantic look in your dog’s eyes as it bolts for the door. Well that is how we are all feeling right now! Lockdown has been necessary but a huge test of our patience. The pressure to reopen the economy is mounting on government officials everywhere.

We will most likely see the economy open in phases during the month of May. Like our dog, Bay Area people will be leaping for the door to Lake Tahoe. The lake and mountains will soon be filled with thousands of visitors from the Bay Area and beyond to escape their homes and enjoy the outdoors. Among the mix will be Buyers looking for their new getaway home.

Is this a good time to buy or to sell? This is a question that most experts have a difficult time determining. My best answer is “When the time is right for you?” From my experience with buyers and sellers, I find that it is more about personal goals rather than the market conditions.

Here are some links to articles that may give you more insight to market conditions. How will the stock market impact home values, How will COVID-19 impact home values,

Below are the numbers from the past week beginning on April 20th, 2020. This data is taken from the South Tahoe Association of Realtors MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and the Northern Nevada Regional MLS.


  • 8 New Listings
  • 3 New Pending Sales
  • 1 Withdrawn
  • 6 Closings


  • 9 New Listings
  • 2 New Pending Sale
  • 0 Withdrawn Listing
  • 0 Closings


These are numbers from last year as of April 17, 2019 for homes, condos/townhomes in the South Lake Tahoe real estate market.

  • 246 Total listings
  • 189 Active Listings
  • 57 Pending Sales

These are current numbers as of April 17, 2020 for homes, condos/townhomes in the South Lake Tahoe real estate market.

  • 200 Total Listings
  • 157 Active Listings
  • 43 Pending Sales

The comparison may give you and ideal of the current real estate market condition for the south shore of Lake Tahoe. As expected, we are down from last year.

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