Lake Tahoe Home Sales Tahoe Real Estate Weekly Market Update for 6/30/20 The Bay Area is migrating to Tahoe in mass! This article may sound familiar to a lot of you, The market is absolutely on fire! New listings are selling within a week and old listings are evaporating as well. The competition is also fierce which is pushing up the prices. This year is shaping […]
Lake Tahoe Home Sales Tahoe Real Estate Update for 6/22/20 The South Lake Tahoe real estate sales continue to accelerate and deplete the number of homes for sale. The boat inspection stations are anticipated to open on June 26th. For more information, click on this link, Chase International is having its 24th Annual Luxury Estates Tour. Due to COVID, the popular reimagined tour will […]
Lake Tahoe Home Sales Lake Tahoe Real Estate Market Update for 6/15/20 The tourists are back in town and enjoying the outdoors en masse. Among them are home buyers! As the inventory of homes for sale is low, the better values are being scooped up quickly.  If you have been thinking about renting your property, there is a new website to help connect renters, property managers and […]
Lake Tahoe Home Sales Lake Tahoe Real Estate Market Update for 6/9/20 For those that have been waiting in anticipation of coming to Lake Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe is open for business as June 12th! For more information click this link, The casinos had there re-opening on June 4th. Beaches are now open and the town is bustling once again. There is more news regarding the […]
Lake Tahoe Home Sales Tahoe Real Estate Market Update 5/25/20 For those that have not made it to Tahoe yet, it is becoming more tourist friendly. Nevada Governor Sisolak has announced a target date to open the casinos which is June 4th! For more information about the casinos go to this link, I don’t think that California south shore lodging has opened but the […]
Lake Tahoe Home Sales Lake Tahoe Weekly Real Estate Report for May 18th, 2020 We are starting the week with some cold weather, but May Tahoe snow is just for show! We will be warming back up again on Wednesday. Memorial weekend will be sunny and warm. The south shore real estate market is showing strong activity for the second consecutive week. Restrictions are relaxing. Restaurants and lodging have […]
Lake Tahoe Home Sales Lake Tahoe Real Estate Weekly Market Update for 5/11/20 The Nevada side has begun the first phase of re-opening the economy which now includes salons and restaurants. However, the beaches are still closed. The CA side may be phasing in the opening of the economy soon. There are more people outside recreating on the hiking and mt bike trails. Open houses are still forbidden. […]
Lake Tahoe Home Sales Lake Tahoe Real Estate Market Weekly Report 5/4/20 We are beginning to see the economy open slowing and cautiously in some states and more aggressively in other states. Here locally in the south and east shore of Lake Tahoe, we are seeing an uptick in sales activity. As I had mentioned before, the real estate community is continuing to take precautions to reduce […]
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Lake Tahoe Home Sales Lake Tahoe Real Estate Weekly Report for 4/27/20 Dog owners know what it is like to come home after your dog has been locked up in the house all day. As soon as you open the front door, you see the frantic look in your dog’s eyes as it bolts for the door. Well that is how we are all feeling right now! […]
Uncategorized Lake Tahoe Real Estate Market Report for 4/20/20 I’m optimistic that the “Shelter in Place” order will be lifted soon! More people have reached their limits with cabin fever. It’s evident as there are more cars on the road. So, I thought that I would take advantage of less traffic and I road my bike around the lake. It wore me out, but […]
Uncategorized Tahoe Homes Sales During COVID-19 Weekly Report 4/13/2020 I believe that we are going into week 4 of the “Shelter in Place” order. As I had mentioned previously, California and Nevada had categorized the real estate industry as essential. The activity level has been low but it’s alive! Here are the numbers from the past week beginning on April 6th, 2020. This data […]
Uncategorized Lake Tahoe Buyer or Seller Real Estate Market? During this period of a pandemic, there is a lot of anxiety and for good reason. People are getting sick and dying at a rapid rate. We are all vulnerable. In addition, the economy is taking a big hit. In relation to the real estate market locally and nationally, real estate activity has been evaporating. […]
Uncategorized Tahoe Home Sale & COVID-19 Update for April 6, 2020 I’m giving you another weekly update which means that I have way too much time on my hands. I found this on Facebook. It may give you a little chuckle! Posted by Will Hand on Saturday, March 21, 2020 I have something positive to report which will be good news for the sellers. Two of the […]
Uncategorized Tahoe Home Sales & COVID-19 Weekly Update 3/30/20 Last week on Friday I had just received a message from our local board of Realtors; “Real Estate Now Listed as an Essential Service in March 28, 2020 Federal List of Essential Critical Infrastructure WorkersToday, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) updated its list of essential services during the […]
Uncategorized COVID-19 & Tahoe Home Sales! It occurred to me that Buyers and Sellers at Lake Tahoe may be wondering about the effect that COVID-19 has had on the local home sale market. It goes without saying that since most non-essential businesses have been shutting down, it may slow home sale activity. Real estate agents and sellers have been evaluating the […]